When Jesus gives a picture of the judgment scene in Matthew 25, He says in verse 36, “I was in prison, and ye came unto me.” Although we did not begin the ONE NATION UNDER GOD program for the specific purpose of converting those who were in prison for some crime, it is one of the many valuable results of the program. My older brother, James, is grading lessons and corresponding with prisoners in nine states. He reports regular baptisms, with at least 30 in just one prison.

This article might be a good place to urge all that are concerned about the Great Commission to show more interest in the wonderful opportunities to do good in this area. We are aware that there are many “con-men” in prison that would take a Bible course and even request baptism just for personal gain. We are also aware that the same thing is true for many that are not in prison. However, there are many that might repeat the performance of the man who was known as the meanest man inTexas. He had been in prison most of his life, having committed multiple murders both in and out. The gospel reached him and as a result of his conversion, he became a model prisoner, was released and spent the rest of his life preaching the gospel to other prisoners.

As important as that is, it is not the purpose of this article. My brother reports many instances of chaplains and wardens who do not want those who teach pure, unadulterated, undenominational Christianity teaching and baptizing in their prisons. So they deny the prisoners and us our Constitutional and God-given rights to freely teach and baptize.

Most in Congress and the Supreme Court are apparently not concerned with God-given rights, and assume that the legislative and judicial bodies are the ones that give us rights. The truth, however, was known and expressed by those who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution when they said, “We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” What we urge you to do is to check with the prisons in your local area and determine whether or not we have free access to teach and baptize. If not, we urge you to write to your editor, Congressmen, The Rutherford Institute, or anyone else who might have influence, and protest the violation of our Constitutional rights.


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