Having tried to preach the gospel for over half a century, I am keenly aware of the need for “redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians5:16). The nights seem to be even worse! But I suddenly realized that I had a “built in” formula for saving time, which can be used by any Christian.

For example, I have been married almost 40 years, and have never wasted one minute planning how we would divide the property if we ever divorced! We have had friends over for many meals. We have never wasted one minute trying to decide if we should serve Pabst Blue Ribbon or Coors Light. We have been shopping on various occasions. We have never wasted one minute deciding whether to get a package of Luckies or walk a mile for a Camel.

Perhaps our brilliant readers have already guessed the formula, but for those few ordinary mortals who may be a little slower, let us try to reveal it more clearly. The time-saving principle is this: When you make a major decision and stick with it, thousands of minor decisions — which would not only be time-consuming, but very frustrating in many cases — are automatically made.

Note how it works in other situations. When you decide to let Jesus be Lord of your life, the time you might have spent in deciding whether to attend Bible class or stay at home and look at television has already been saved. When you determine to let the glory of God be the chief aim of your life, the time you might have spent on deciding what kind of clothes you wear, what you eat or drink, or put in your mouth for other purposes, the kind of job you have, the recreation you engage in, and many other decisions has already been saved.

If, as a preacher, your goal is to get the most lucrative or prestigious position available, you have a thousand things to decide, each of which will be very time consuming and frustrating because you will not know the factors necessary to make a proper decision. But if your goal and purpose is to find the place where you can best serve humanity under God’s direction for His glory, many of those decisions will be very easy, if not automatic.

Think of all the time we could save in making all sorts of little decisions, if we would first take a little time to set a few important goals, and make the major decisions that whatever may come, we have a fixed purpose in life!

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