Unfortunately, I never had any courses in school on marriage or counseling. When I listen to such outstanding men as Dr. Samuel Jones or Dr. Bill Flatt, J. J. Turner, or several others who have advanced degrees in that field, I am impressed with the breadth and depth of their knowledge. I am also impressed with another wonderful fact that they want us to realize. That is, the most useful information they can impart to us does not come from their intensive study, and extensive knowledge of psychological studies and various other writings of men, but from their ability to help us understand and apply the principles taught in the Bible. In fact, I do not ever remember hearing a lecture from any of them who do their job so well that did not give a principle found in the Bible for every rule or aspect of a successful marriage.

This suggests to me a very important truth. Although these brethren do a tremendous service in helping to strengthen homes and build better marriages, each of us could learn much of the same thing if we would simply apply the appropriate scriptures to our own lives. One of our problems is that we are not familiar enough with the Word to know what the appropriate scripture is, or how to apply it. This is not really saying anything new or startling. The same statement could be made about the plan of salvation, the work of the church, or any other aspect of our lives.

It is amazing and fantastic almost beyond comprehension that almost any person who tells us anything significant about how to be successful in business, marriage, politics, international or race relations can find most of the principles he mentions set forth in the Bible. The principles of God’s word are so wide and deep that they touch any and every aspect of our lives. We grant that they do not tell us whether a particular field will grow corn, peanuts or potatoes better. Nor do they tell us which mutual funds will be our best investment. As complete and wonderful is the Bible is, it does not tell us whether we should have ham and eggs or oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. But it does tell us principles, which will help us to determine even such apparently mundane or insignificant things as those.

The value of having talented and dedicated brethren to speak on special subjects such as Home and Family, or any other, is that they are able to help us see more clearly what God says about the principles involved, and perhaps to inspire us to practice them more readily. One can find out for himself what to do to be saved, but it is wonderful to have a gifted preacher tell us clearly what the Bible says about it and how to apply that knowledge to our own lives.

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