In 1981 I wrote an article about the power of using audiovisuals. A few moments ago the thought came to me that we are teaching with audiovisuals whether or not we planned it that way. What we say and what we do are constantly teaching, either for good or bad. The Lord’s Supper and baptism are audio visual aids that God designed to help us appreciate the supreme sacrifice of Christ and respond properly. It is impossible for a person to thoughtfully and regularly meditate on the loving sacrifice of Christ and remain unmoved.

With that thought in mind, I designed a little box that folds into a “piggy bank” with a message on it to serve as an visual aid to be used in every home and classroom that wants to use it. It is to be placed on the table or where it can be seen every day or week, and each time it is seen, it calls attention to the fact that Christ made a sacrifice for us, and we need to make some sacrifice for Him. If any teacher or parent wants a bank, or any number of them, to remind your children of the love of Christ, and respond to it, call me at 1-800-767-9889-Ext 6 and request them. They will be sent to you free. How you talk about it and use it will also be a vivid audio-visual presentation. Remember, “The love of Christ constrains us” (2 Corinthians5:14).


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