When those who dealt in slavery stole a person from his native land and took him to a foreign land in bondage they did great damage to society and all mankind. When Satan stole your heart and put you in bondage, he did even greater damage. Are you really in bondage? Are you really a slave? If you have yielded yourself to obey Satan, you are in bondage to him (Romans6:16). However, we may be enslaved to a bad habit, such as drinking or smoking. It is possible to be enslaved to certain ways of thinking that will cause grief and unhappiness. Those who have cultivated habits of thinking primarily of hateful or negative thoughts will be slaves of bad circumstances or of persons whose actions you do not approve.

The same God who deliveredIsraelfrom bondage can deliver us from all these forms of slavery if we will accept deliverance on the terms he offers. Of course the worst slavery is to be a slave of Satan and sin. Deliverance comes by repentance and faithful surrender to Jesus as we obey him in baptism. However, although deliverance from the slavery of bad habits of eating, drinking, talking or thinking comes basically in the same way–surrender to the will of the Lord in faithful obedience–one has to learn specific steps that are involved in each situation. If one is enslaved to vulgar or profane language, he must do different things to be delivered than if he is enslaved to gluttony. Any time a person can make you angry in spite of yourself, you have become, to that degree, his slave. You can learn how to be free from those kinds of slavery by a proper study of God’s word. In this short article, there is not room to tell you how, but be assured that there is hope for you, and help available if you will ask for it.


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