We are occasionally asked if it is right or wrong to cremate a body. As far as we are able to discover, there is no scripture that has any direct bearing on the question. The few scriptures that indicate the practice of burning anyone, such as Genesis 38:24, Leviticus 20:14 and 1 Samuel 31:12 have nothing whatever to do with God’s attitude toward the practice of cremating the body of our loved ones. There is no principle or teaching in the New Testament of which we are aware that would indicate God’s disapproval of the practice.

Throughout the Bible we are taught by the example of godly persons that we should show proper respect for the dead. There is nothing of which we are aware in the practice of cremation that would violate this principle. One could show as much disrespect for the dead by throwing dirt on the body as one could by burning it. One may oppose the practice because of his notions of what is appropriate, but he has no reason for opposing it on scriptural grounds. The body of our saved loved ones that may be drowned in the sea and eaten by fish, burned in a house fire, airplane crash or cremated in a funeral home will be resurrected with the same kind of glorious body as those who might be buried in a platinum lined casket as was the case in one funeral we conducted some years ago.


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