I am opposed to what is called “children’s church” for all the reasons given by Gary Colley and others who oppose it. I am also opposed to having Bible classes for little children at the same time that the rest of the church is meeting for worship. However, those things are in a different category, and I oppose them for different reasons, on a different basis, and in a different manner.

As far as I know, every congregation of faithful brethren with which I have been associated have an attended nursery for those who feel a need for such during the regular worship. A Bible class for small children that is designed for the same purpose as the nursery is not, in my judgment, in the same category as “children’s church.” I am opposed to such a class, in general, for it is my judgment that in most cases children would be better trained, and the Lord’s cause would be better served by leaving those children in the auditorium to learn how to behave, to learn how to worship, to learn various other things they need to know as they grow up. However, that is merely my judgment, and if a parent feels that it is better for him/her and/or the child to be taken out (as in the case of a baby who needs attention) to another room, regardless of its age, I find nothing improper or unscriptural in allowing that parent to do so.





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