Blacks Not Blessed


I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability, but if I do not understand or answer them to your satisfaction, please ask again if it really makes that much difference. You ask, “Why is it that we black people are always led by whites?” I do not know what you mean by that, for many black people are in leadership positions in many places in the world, even in theUnited Statesin the President’s inner circle and in Congress.

You ask, “Isn’t the whites the blessed ones by God?” If you can understand that the greatest blessing in the world is to be forgiven of your sins and accepted as a child of God, then you would not even need to ask that question. Having a million dollars or being elected to some high office is not the greatest blessing, although many black people have both of those. But the poorest person in the world can become a child of God, and there is no greater blessing and honor than that.  This also answers your next question.

Then you ask, “Who does we black people resemble?” I have no idea what you mean by that question. Being in God’s image has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin or what your physical being is like. God is Spirit, and has no physical body, so if your nature is such that you can decide with is right and wrong and you can decide to do good, you are in the image of God. When you say, “All the heavenly saints are represented by white people, and only Satan is represented by a black person,” I have no idea who you are talking about as “representing” them. Just because some human being draws a picture does not mean that it has any meaning with God. What difference does it make if someone represents Satan as a red person with horns and a long forked tail? What you need to do is to study the Bible and see what IT teaches and not be so concerned about what some ignorant human being represents or pictures.

You ask, “Why is it that we blacks are always victims to white races?” You apparently do not know that slave trade was and is carried on by black people selling black people as well as by white people buying black people. Indians and Chinese practice slave trade as well as many in African nations. White people sell other white people into slavery and prostitution, etc., so it has nothing to do with one race being a victim of another race. It has to do with some ungodly person (black, white, red or yellow) making some other person a victim. There are probably as many black people in theUSAwho kill white people as there are white people who kill black ones. That only proves that evil men are doing evil, and it is true whether they are black or white.

You say, “Even now any modern things is from whites. Does this tell us that God loves very much these people?” In the first place it is NOT true that any modern thing is from whites. Many black and yellow people have invented many modern things. In the second place, inventing some “modern thing” has nothing to do with whether God loves anyone. How you got the idea that having some modern thing indicates the love of God is a mystery. God loves ALL people, and gave His Son to die for ALL. Anyone who is willing to do God’s will can accept that love. When you ask, “Why are we leftovers in many things?” I have no idea what you mean. There are millions of white persons who exist on leftovers, and are poor and miserable as far as earthly possessions are concerned. What you think this has to do with God’s love, I do not know.

You ask, “Did God evenly distribute intelligence?” If you mean, “Are some persons smarter than others,” the answer is, “Certainly.” God made some people smarter than others, some more beautiful than others, some healthier than others, and everyone is different. But God takes all of that into account as He judges us. If you have more ability than I have, God expects you to use that ability and will reward you as you use it properly for Him. If you will concern yourself with trying to find out what God wants of you, and do it, you will receive the same kind of blessing that is available for the smartest or the dumbest person in the world.



You say, “Let me say I am in a Catholic Christian family. If I become influenced by the church and feel to join it but my parents refuse change, what am I to do?” The first thing you need to do is to simply study the Bible and find out for sure what God wants you to do. Do not decide to be “influenced by the church and feel to join it” but simply be influenced by God’s word and determine that you love the Lord who died for you enough that you will do your best to obey whatever He wants of you, whatever it may cost you. He said that if a person is not willing to give up anything in the world for Him, he cannot be His disciple, but you must start by finding out how much He did for you and what He wants you to do for him, and take one step at a time to obey Him. It may well be that if you can FIRST learn the truth about what God wants, you will be able to teach it to your parents or any other honest person, but do not do it simply because you are “influenced by some human” but because you learn from God’s word what He wants.


You ask, “How can I know the purpose why God created me into this world, and how do I fulfill this purpose?” Acts17:27is one verse that tells why God created you—that you might seek and find Him. 1 Cor.10:31gives another reason. You are created that you might give glory to God. So you fulfill that purpose by finding out what he wants you to do to be saved and do that. Then you find out what he wants you to do to live as a Christian and do that. You can only find out and fulfill that purpose by reading and studying the word of God, then obeying it to the best of your ability.


You ask, “Is there any difference between fulfilling God’s purpose and destiny for one’s life?” I am not sure I understand what you mean by the question, but if you fulfill God’s purpose in this life, your eternal destiny will be assured to be a glorious one. The only way you can fulfill God’s purpose is to find what He wants you to do every step of the way from being born into His family and then living as a Christian should until you die.


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