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Occasionally when I am worshiping in a congregation and the Lord’s Supper is served, I see persons tearing checks out of books, flipping through song books, or doing other numerous things indicating that their thoughts are not on the memorial feast. The thought occurred to me that a simple suggestion of what you might do to increase the value of what should be communion with Christ would be helpful for many.

Since the feast is to be a memorial of what Christ has done (1 Corinthians11:24), as well as a time of self-examination (1 Corinthians11:28), you might want to try this scriptural and practical method of making this a meaningful exercise, and not merely a ritualistic one. (I am fearful that many of our “exercises” from baptism on up have become increasingly ritualistic and devoid of real meaning for many participants).

Deliberately choose to think something like this: “Lord, because you chose to suffer thus for me, I will choose to examine my life and do the following (then specify an action of love, service or sacrifice) for you this day (or this week).” Remember that there are various aspects of the Lord’s Supper that need emphasis. It is to be in remembrance of him (1 Corinthians11:24). Anthing that you remember¬† things about him that would help you to be more like him is worthwhile. It is to show the Lord’s death, so as you think on the sacrifice he made for you, determine to do an act of love for him.

Whether there is a filthy habit you need to give up, or a good habit you need to develop, I can conceive of no way you can better gain strength and resolve in doing it than this way. When you specify a particular goal with reference to what Christ did for you, you bring two powerful principles into action, and cannot but be a better person as a result of it. Those principles are 1. A remembrance of the love and sacrifice of Christ which motivates us to do something for Him and 2. Specifying a particular goal is always better than simply thinking, “I will try to be a better person.” After all, why do you think Christ wanted us to partake of this feast once each week? If this helps you to be a better person, why not commend it to others?

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